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FREE Exams for Uninsured Children Under Two

FREE Children’s Exam

Welcome to Acorn Dentistry for Kids! We love helping children, and we’d like to invite uninsured children
under two years of age to come in for a complimentary exam.

Get your child’s smile off to a great start, by protecting their teeth with professional, preventive dentistry services at Acorn Dentistry For Kids.

Early evaluation and intervention can catch problems before they become severe enough for treatment to be needed. That’s why we want to see your child as early as possible, usually before their first birthday.

The key to a great smile for life is prevention and education. You’ll find all of that and more, when you visit our Silverton, Keizer, Corvallis, and Hillsboro offices.

Fun, Professional Cleanings

Our team recommends dental checkups every 6 months to keep your little one’s smile healthy and bright. Your child will enjoy a relaxed “tooth massage” that leaves their teeth sparkling and puts a smile on their face. We’ll also discuss areas that need a little more attention and how to properly care for their teeth at home.

Preventing Cavities With Fluoride and Sealants

Four kids brushing teeth, as part of good oral preventive dentistry learned from their dentist at Acorn Dentistry.

As part of our preventive dental care protocol, we recommend two optional treatments to help keep your child’s smile cavity-free:

  • Fluoride varnish can strengthen the outer tooth enamel, reducing the risk of destructive tooth decay.
  • Dental sealant along the permanent molars can create a protective barrier, especially in hard-to-clean crevices, to prevent cavities from forming.

Both options are available to your children, but only applied with your approval.

Dental Protection For Sports

Before your child hits the field or the court, make sure they’re wearing all of their protective gear, including a custom mouth guard from Acorn Dentistry For Kids.

If your child plays sports, a mouth guard can help avert concussions, prevent broken or lost teeth and cushion their oral soft tissue from accidental blows. It’s a great investment for your child’s smile – and it’s cheaper than a dental emergency! Our sports appliances can even be tinted to show team spirit.

Screenings and Treatments

Most people think that sleep apnea is an adult condition, but it can also affect young children. If your child snores or suffers from behavior problems, they might have a sleep issue. Should you suspect a problem, let us know!

Screenings for sleep apnea are included in your child’s evaluation and include a conference with you to discuss any needed treatments.

Thumb sucking may be an endearing trait for babies, but as children grow, it can affect the development of their bite, upper palate and teeth. Intervention is important before this habit negatively impacts your child’s smile. We offer a variety of recommendations to help your child, including custom appliances that discourage thumb sucking.

Picture Perfect Smiles

Teen girl smiling, showing healthy teeth from good oral preventive dentistry learned at Acorn Dentistry for Kids.Boost your teen’s confidence with a whiter smile. Food choices, dark-tinted beverages and even medications can yellow teeth, creating a less attractive and dull smile.

At Acorn Dentistry for Kids, we offer prescription grade, safe teeth whitening gels to boost your son or daughter’s pearly whites.

We Want to Grow With Your Family

Whether your child is taking their first steps or crossing the stage to get their college diploma, we’re happy to help them enjoy a healthy, bright smile with our preventive dentistry menu options. Call today to schedule your child’s same-day appointment.

We recommend seeing a pediatric dentist every 6 months.

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