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FREE Exams for Uninsured Children Under Two

FREE Exams for Uninsured Children Under Two

Welcome to Acorn Dentistry for Kids! We love helping children, and we’d like to invite uninsured
children under two years of age to come in for a complimentary exam.

At Acorn Dentistry For Kids, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile! That begins with excellent, preventative dental care, from the start – and you’ll find that with our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Tim Richardson and our entire Acorn team.

Safer Teeth Fillings

Group kids who all get see the same pediatric dentistry services at Acorn Dentistry for Kids.

As a parent, you want to make the best choices for your children. When it comes to dental care, we help you do that by offering mercury-free fillings. While it’s best to prevent cavities, when they do happen, we use custom-tinted, composite resin to restore their tooth.

Even when a cavity isn’t causing pain, it’s important to treat it and prevent it from worsening. Especially in baby teeth. Think of tooth decay as an infection of the tooth. Left untreated, it can worsen, affecting not just the oral health of your child, but their overall health. After all, healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult teeth. A baby tooth can decay very quickly when not treated, causing unwanted complications and pain.

The Royal Treatment – Getting A Dental Crown

When a cavity has grown too large to be treated with a simple filling, we often recommend dental crowns for our young patients. Often parents wonder if a crown is necessary when a baby tooth can just be pulled. Baby teeth serve an important purpose in your child’s dental development by:

  • Affecting their ability to eat and speak
  • Maintaining space for future adult teeth to come in
  • Preventing crowding due to changes in their bite

If your child needs a dental crown, we offer stainless steel and aesthetic, tooth-colored full-coverage restorations. If your child is feeling a bit nervous about their treatment, we also have 3 different sedation options to choose from to ensure your little one’s comfort. No matter the treatment, we always make every effort to help your child feel relaxed and enjoy their visit at our Silverton office.


Left untreated, a cavity can grow into an abscessed tooth. When infection reaches the nerve of your child’s tooth, it can also spread to the rest of the body, causing oral pain and discomfort. When this happens, we recommend a “baby root canal” to save the remaining healthy tooth. Our gentle pulpotomies, performed comfortably at our office, remove the infection and relieve pain. Once the pulpotomy is completed, a dental crown will be placed to protect the tooth from further damage.

Tooth Extractions

Pediatric dentist from Acorn Dentistry for kids with young patient getting ready for a tooth filling treatment.As part of your child’s care, we closely monitor the growth of their teeth to ensure that 3rd year molars won’t impact the health of their smile. At Acorn Dentistry For Kids, we not only extract teeth for emergencies or advanced infection, we also provide limited wisdom tooth removal. From the convenience of our office, your child can “nap” through their tooth extraction with safe intravenous sedation, or zone out with happy gas, for a pain-free experience.

Call Today!

We recommend bringing your child to see us before their first birthday for a dental evaluation. We accept new patients 12 years of age and younger. All uninsured patients under the age of 2 receive a complimentary exam. If it’s been more than 6 months since your child saw the pediatric dentist, call today and schedule your same-day appointment.

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