Pediatric Dentistry Services In 4 Oregon Locations

Did you know that many painful adult dental problems can be prevented by providing the right children’s dentistry services early in life? That’s why our board-certified pediatric dentists recommend bringing your child to our office before their first birthday!

At Acorn Dentistry For Kids, our doctors and our pediatric dental team focus on preventing and correcting pediatric dental issues to help your child create a better smile from the moment they cut their first tooth!

Our board-certified pediatric dentists combine their advanced knowledge of dentistry with child-friendly dental techniques to create the perfect environment for your child to receive dental care.

We encourage you and your child to ask questions and are always here to address any concerns you have as a parent. We offer empathetic oral health education and use simple explanations to answer your child’s questions and reassure them.

If your child is anxious about their appointment or has special needs, we provide safe, comfortable sedation options that can make it easy for them to receive the pediatric dental care they need.

  • Silverton Office – Our Silverton dental office is conveniently located just south of Timberhill Shopping Center, in between Jefferson Elementary School and Linus Prauling Middle School. Many of our pediatric dental patients visit this location from surrounding communities throughout the Silverton area, including Mt. Angel, Molalla, Silverton Heights and Forest Ridge.
  • Hillsboro Office – It’s easy to find our Hillsboro office, we’re located right at the Oak St./St. 1st St. intersection, near Tuality Community Hospital and KFC on Oak St. We offer convenient business hours for busy parents, so you can schedule your child’s appointment at a time that works for you!
  • Corvallis Office – Our Corvallis dental office is located just south of Timberhill Shopping Center, in between Jefferson Elementary School and Linus Prauling Middle School. Our patients’ parents love this location because it’s so convenient to schedule an appointment before or after school hours!
  • Keizer Office – We love having a dental office located in Keizer, OR, the city of Pride, Spirit and Volunteerism! This quiet suburban setting was the perfect spot for our office. Many of our patients seen at our Keizer location come from surrounding local areas, including Clear Lake, Clagget Creek, Inland Shores, The Meadows, West Keizer and Windsor Woods.

Pediatric Dental Care Made Easy

To make caring for your family’s smile even easier, we offer free dental exams for all uninsured children under the age of two. Our doctors recommend seeing us before your child’s first birthday to make sure they start learning how to care for their smiles from the start.

If you have multiple children who need to see a pediatric dentist, we can schedule all of your children’s dental services at one convenient appointment time!

Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist

As parents ourselves, we understand that you want the best for your child. At Acorn Dentistry for Kids, we provide the best pediatric dental care to our patients.

Get your child’s smile off to a great start, by protecting their teeth with professional, preventive dentistry services at Acorn Dentistry for Kids.

Dental Protection For Sports & Athletic Activities

Before your child hits the field or the court, make sure they’re wearing all of their protective gear, including a custom mouthguard from Acorn Dentistry For Kids.

If your child plays a sport or is involved in any athletic activity, a mouth guard can help them avoid concussions, prevent broken or lost teeth and cushion their oral soft tissue from accidental blows. It’s a great investment for your child’s smile – and it’s much cheaper than a dental emergency. Our sports appliances can even be tinted to show your child’s team spirit.

Sleep Apnea Screening For Children

Most people think that sleep apnea is an adult condition, but it can also affect young children. If your child snores or suffers from behavior problems, they might have a sleep issue. Should you suspect a problem, let us know!

Screenings for sleep apnea are included in your child’s pediatric dental evaluation and include a conference with you to discuss any recommended treatments.

Child-Safe Dental Fillings

Even when a cavity isn’t causing your child pain, it’s important to treat it and prevent it from worsening. Left untreated, tooth decay can worsen, affecting not just the oral health of your child, but their overall health. After all, healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult teeth! At Acorn Kids Dentistry, we use safe, mercury-free fillings to restore your child’s tooth.

Pediatric Dental Crowns

If your child needs a pediatric dental crown, we offer both stainless steel and tooth-colored full-coverage crowns. If your child is feeling a bit nervous about their treatment, we also have 3 different sedation options to choose from to ensure your little one’s comfort. No matter the treatment, we always make every effort to help your child feel relaxed and enjoy their visit.

Pulpotomy (AKA “Baby Root Canal”)

If a cavity is left untreated, it can turn into an infected tooth. Once an infection reaches the nerve of your child’s tooth it can spread to the rest of their body, causing pain. If this happens, our doctors may recommend a “baby root canal” to save the rest of your child’s healthy tooth. This procedure is gentle and will remove the infection, relieving your child’s oral pain. Once it’s completed, we will place a dental crown to protect your child’s tooth from any further damage.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

As part of your child’s care, we closely monitor the growth of their teeth to ensure that 3rd-year molars won’t impact the health of their smile. At Acorn Dentistry For Kids, we not only extract teeth for emergencies or advanced infection; we also provide limited wisdom tooth removal.

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